F*EX - Frams' Fast File EXchange

F*EX (Frams' Fast File EXchange) is a service to send big (large, huge, giant, ...) files from a user A to a user B.

The sender uploads the file to the F*EX server using a WWW upload form and the recipient automatically gets a notification e-mail with a download-URL.

You say:

Why do I need another service for file transfer?!
I have e-mail, ftp, ssh and even sendfile!

I say:

You still need F*EX :-)

For example, you want to send your friend your last holiday video (1 GB). You have the following possibilities (and problems):

If you have answered only once "no" to the questions above, then you need F*EX.

Main features of F*EX

Let's talk about SEX

F*EX has a companion: Stream EXchange (SEX).

You can imagine SEX as network wide UNIX pipes with a relay between. This can be usefull for piping data from user A to user B where A and B cannot establish a direct connection, but both can connect by HTTP to the SEX server. For seamless integration into the UNIX tool chain, there are the shell-tools sexsend and sexget.

Authentication is the same as with F*EX.

Still questions?

See the FAQ

contact: fexmaster